This variance report was designed to make life easier for the payroll administrator to get a report which compares one pay period to another. Any two pay periods within your payroll can be compared. It enables you to be able to “drill down” on the variance amount to see why the two pay periods differ.

The report can be either generated for one employee, as we demonstrate below, or for all your employees, but this is on a different screen.

As you will see, this report has been designed to make life easier for any payroll administrator.

Now we demonstrate how this is done:

Step 1:

We compare an employee’s net pay for two different pay periods.

The specified variance limit is only applied if a printed report for a group of employees is requested. In that case a report will only show employees with a variance greater than is specified. However, when you want to drill down and look at an employee’s details on the screen, the variance limit is ignored and the employee’s details are shown regardless of the amount of the variance if any.

Click on “Generate Report” and in a few seconds the report will be produced.

Step 2:

The report is produced as shown, it shows the difference between the employee’s net pay for the two selected periods, in red font. In this case, K2,800.34.

Simply by clicking (drilling down) on the amount of K2,800.34, we can see why there is a difference in the employees pay.

Step 3:

A further screen will appear, showing the variance in each pay category.

In this example, say, we want to know why there is a difference in his earnings of K3,460.10.

By simply clicking (drilling down) on the amount of K3,460.10, we will find out why this happened.

Step 4:

A further screen will appear.

The report shows that the difference between the two periods of K3,460.10 was for overtime at 1,5.