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Obviously, like any payroll system, nuQ allows for earnings and deductions to be allocated to cost centres.


The following highlights a few of the features which we think will be of interest:

  • There is no limit to the number of cost codes or sub-divisions of cost codes that may be entered in a table.
  • Start and end dates during which each cost code is valid may be inserted which makes it possible for back pay to use a cost code that was valid at the time but is no longer valid.
  • A table can hold a description and a full name of a cost centre.  The drop down lists that appear when a cost code is selected can display either or both the code and the description.
  • There can be as many sub divisions of a code as required – a few of our major users have up to six or seven sub-divisions of the cost code.
  • Each division may be captured separately from the others so that it is not possible to validate that a particular sub-division chosen is valid at entry time.  This can only be done when considered in conjunction with all the other sub-divisions making up the final full cost code.  Specialised routines have been written for these clients to validate the complete cost code string for each element of earnings or deductions when pay is calculated for the employee, using complex validation rules.  If any invalid combinations are found, an error message is generated and displayed on the (interim) payslip.  The payroll department corrects the input where necessary and another pay calculation is done for the employee until there are no more errors.  This means that the cost reports and files produced on finalisation of the pay run are correct and no adjusting entries need to be made in the company’s books.